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четверг, 23 августа 2012 г.

Birthday is a time to give presents!

Dear Friends,
It happened so that I have my birthday to day and I want to give to one of you a beautiful book with many stories and patterns from 10 great artists from all over the world! Just comment on this post and get an opportunity to grab it! I have only one book so my kids will choose that lucky of you who will treasure it! All the best!!!!
By the way, my patterns are also there)

 Soooooo just now my son chose the winner!!!
Thank you, everybody for birthday wishes, I would love to give this book to everybody but I have only one... my son chose the list with the name TATIANA on it!!!!!

12 комментариев:

  1. Looks a great book to own:o)) Wishing you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Have a very enjoyable day:o))
    Hugs Lyn

  2. Happpy Birthday Sasha, I hope you day was filled with lovely surprises and lots of cake! It is very generous to give away such a delighful book and an added advantage that your lovely teddies are in it, a treasure to any teddy or toy maker. I look forward to your next post and more tiny teddy treasures - much love Dawn x

  3. Саша с днем рожденья!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Счастья!!!!!!!Мишкового вдохновения!!!!!!!!!
    Очень нравится ваше творчество!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Happy happy birthday Sasha!
    would love to win this book especially try teach children to stitch and it's colorful characters would be fun to make.

    All the best! Hugs

  5. Сашенька, С ДНЕМ РОЖДЕНИЯ!!!!
    Здоровья,пусть сбудутся все Ваши сокровенные мечты и желания!!!!!
    Творческих успехов и побед!!!
    Всего самого наилучшего!!!!!!!

  6. Саша, давно "запала" на Ваших звериков :)
    И пусть вдохновение не покидает Вас, и создаются чудеса! С Днем Рождения!!! Исполнения всех мечт и много радости!

  7. класс! Саша - с днём Рождения и удачи во всём!

  8. I thank you everybody for warm wishes, the book is now the treasure of Tatiana!!!! My impartial judge Platon chose the list with the name Tatiana on it!!!!!!

  9. Ура!!!!!!!!!
    Спасибо Платон!!!!!
    Спасибо Саша!!!!!
    Очень, очень счастлива!!!!
    Благодарю за Ваш волшебный подарок!!!!!

  10. I'm to late, but happy birthday! I am a libra to! :)

  11. Happy "Bearlated" Borthday! I hope it was a great day!