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среда, 13 апреля 2011 г.

ADOPTED 14 inch OOAK Teddy Playing the Old Style Bear

Let me show you my most favorite toy! I LOVE HIM! I made him last year when living in India, he is no. 9 from Collection 2010. He travelled with me from India to Russia and lives with me and my family one year already. All 14 inch bears from Collection 2010 are sold and only this one is still with us and I have an opportunity to hug him when I want!

This is a bear playing the Old Style Violet Polka Dots Bear. His height is 14 inches. The bear's head is made from brown plush and stuffed with woodwool. The body, arms and legs were made from light violet mohair, the cap is removable and has black stripes. The body, arms and legs are stuffed with mineral granuls and woodwool to give the bear weight. He turned out very heavy and nice to hold in hands. He has matching artist glass eyes from He has black dots on his light violet costume that I carefully handtinted with special fabrics color. This toy is ooak. If you have questions please convo me for details. The price is given for the bear playing the Old Style Violet Polka Dots Bear only.

Name: Bear Playing the Old Style Violet Polka Dots Bear
Series: At the matinee
Height: 14 inches
Material: German Mohair, laces, woodwool, mineral granules
Artist: Sasha Pokrass. Collection 2010
You can find this bear here .

About me:
My name is Sasha Pokrass. I'm a Russian designer of collectible toys for adults. One day I will become rich and famous:)))) I'm crazy about my work, my husband and my kids.

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  1. ооооООО..какой прекрасный мишутка, в него не возможно не влюбиться!!!