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воскресенье, 17 апреля 2011 г.

10 inch Duck the Clown in a top hat

let me show you my new toy - 10 inch Duck the Clown in a top hat.

His head is made from yellow curly mohair, his beak is made from light brown suede, his body is made from scarlet rayon. The duck is stuffed with woodwool, polifybre and mineral granules and has green glass eyes. He is dressed into scarlet and white clown pants, green boots and a dark red top hat. He has a green collar around his neck, rose shape yellow vintage buttons and a duck pendant. The clothes are not removable.

The price is given for 10 inch Duck the Clown only. He is looking for a new home! Thanks for having a look! If you have some spare time look at my other toys and patterns here. You are sure to find something interesting)

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