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вторник, 19 апреля 2011 г.

5 inch Miss Hedgehog the Horse Rider

Let me show you my new toy - Miss Hedgehog the Horse Rider!

She is 5 inches staying and 4 inches sitting. She is made from long pile black german mohair with white tips and stuffed with polyfibre. Her head is jointed with a cotter pin and discs. The arms and legs are thread jointed. She has green german glass eyes.

She is very sweet and nice to hold in hands. Miss Hedgehog the Horse Rider has a lovely pink polka dots pants. She has a clown hairstyle, top hat and a creamy lace collar. She is looking for a new home and friends.

If you have any questions please convo me for details. If you are interested in adoption you can find her here
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