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воскресенье, 17 апреля 2011 г.

5 inch Miss Elephant the Clown

Let me show you my new toy - Elephant Miss the Clown!

She is 5 inches staying and 4 inches sitting. She is made from light brown sparse german mohair and stuffed with polyfibre. Her head is jointed with a cotter pin and discs. The arms and legs are thread jointed. She has black german glass eyes. She is very sweet and nice to hold in hands. Her ears are decorated with polka dots fabrics and she has a matching lace collar with a metallic ball pendant. Elephant Miss the Clown has a lovely pink dress with hearts pattern. She has a lilac felted ball decorated with beads and sequins. She was distressed and hand tinted to give her an old look.

She is looking for a new home and friends.
The price is given for the Elephant Miss the Clown and the ball only.
You can find her and my other toys here.

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